Forgetful? Fear of losing something or someone?

Let BlueBuster help you to keep track of possessions and loved ones.

BlueBuster sets an invisible safety zone around your valuables e.g. your purse, briefcase, computer or your child. If the protected object moves beyond the limit set by you, an alarm will be activated in your mobile phone as well as on the object itself. With BlueBuster GPS you will also be able to locate your missing possessions and loved ones. The patent pending technology is based on transmission between an alarm tag and a mobile phone using Bluetooth.

Examples of how Bluebuster can be used:

Forgetfulness - Theft

Place an alarm tag in your purse, briefcase or any other bag you are carrying. If the bag is misplaced or stolen, you will immediately be alerted as long as you are still carrying your mobile phone. Your BlueBuster also helps you in a reverse situation: if you forget your mobile phone, but you are carrying your bag, the alarm will go off in the bag and alert you. You can supervise seven different objects at one time using the same mobile phone.

Monitor children in crowds
Your BlueBuster can be placed in your child’s pocket or in your pram and will function in the same way as with your other valuables.

When boating, have your crew and pets wear alarm tags. Then if anyone goes overboard you will be alerted, even if you are not on deck.

Cancellation of credit cards, Search for missing children
Services such as cancelling your credit cards or other documents in case they have been lost or stolen will be connected to the use of BlueBuster. A similar service is under development for missing children. The service will automatically send out an alarm to the shops in your immediate surrounding in order to facilitate your search.

BlueBuster is a leading candidate for "Mobile Phone Gadget of the Year"

Read our US-patent here 

  Retailers and Distributors
During the spring 2008, BlueBuster will be launched on the market. Please return to our web site in a
few months time to find out where you can find
your BlueBuster.

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BlueBuster Kids

BlueBuster Tag

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